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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

Father in the Name of Jesus, I declare as a child of GOD, I walk by faith not by sight or feelings, Hebrews 11:1. I stand on the word of GOD that he who overcomes the world overcomes by the faith in Jesus Christ, son of the living GOD.

By the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I come against every principality, ruler of darkness, and every wickedness in high places, you are now disarmed.  I triumph with Christ. Colossians 2:15. Through the blood of Jesus, every wicked and evil spirit is bound, The Lord GOD rebukes you, bind you and cast you into outer darkness, you are commanded never to return. You no longer have rights, legal ground or authority to operate in my life, torment or oppress me. It is canceled, taken out of the way Colossians 2:14

My eyes are ever on the LORD for HE only will release me from the snare of the enemy, Psalms 91:3 and place them on the solid rock. For you cover me with Your pinions and I find shelter in under your wings, Psalms 91:4.

May my heart be fixed on you, The Most High GOD, as I press toward the mark Philippians 3:14, of the high call; determined to do your blessed will and to complete your divine purpose for my life.

In you only GOD will I put my trust. Be Glorified and Honored in me and through me.




In Jesus Name Amen




If you are suicidal please seek immediate help locally. We do not accept  responsibility for individuals emergency emotionally and medical  needs, call 911.

J.M. Chapman