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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91



I got married!!!  Words cannot express what a LIFE-CHANGING encounter I had with Jesus at the BTW Ministries’  “Woman Be Thou Refreshed “conference.   I felt so much peace and LOVE from the moment I stepped into the lovely historic Victorian home.   I felt like a new bride, being fawned over, pampered, and served delicious home-cooked meals,  as well as yummy spiritual food,  and hearty, transcending worship!  I RECEIVED so much LOVE that I almost couldn’t contain it!  I felt like I was supposed to do SOMETHING in return, but no one would let me!

 Every moment of this event felt so God-honoring and ordained by the Holy Spirit.   We were cleansed by the washing of the word, and then by a literal foot-washing, with prophetic words spoken over us; all culminating in a beautiful marriage to JESUS on Sunday morning with vows, a ring, and a marriage certificate.  Everything was so meaningful, and I felt so beautiful!

I saw people be born again, delivered, physically healed, and changed before my very eyes.  I will never be the same.  I have received more of God’s glory and love, and I can’t wait to go to the next BTW Ministries conference! D.Foley (Woman Be Thou Refreshed Conference- April 19-21, 2013)


...My spirituality, which was effectively dead when I walked through these doors has been reborn and for that, I thank you, Miss Chaplain.  You have had the patience of JOB with me and I am eternally grateful.  Being re-acquainted with God whom I turned my back on, is the greatest gift of the last 6 months. "ARC 2012" the Chaplain, when I first got here I thought you were nuts.  "Who is this lady with the bugged outstare asking me about something I don't want to believe in?" The answer is plain to me now: she is a woman of God who truly loves us and wants to see us achieve success and happiness...My prayers go out to you, Ms. Chaplain.  "B.M.ARC 2012"


Hi Jenni'fer,
Do you remember me? I flew up from Los Angeles for a deliverance ministry with you and your team. I am in need of deliverance for my mind, body, and soul. For the past several weeks I have had thoughts of suicide, but that is not the main reason that I am seeking deliverance. I have been working on other issues. Unfortunately, the tormenting spirit has tormented people at my temporary jobs to the point that I have lost the jobs. This tormenting has been happening everywhere that I go. There are other areas of needing to work on.
 I have searched the web thoroughly, and by far, your website is the only one that gives the glory to God repeatedly and shows your reliance on Him.
 Please let me know how God would have you reply to my email. 12/09


"Hi, Pastor Jenni'fer Chapman How are you? I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how (Blessed) I was on Sat when I attended the conference, although I had gotten the end time all mixed as I thought the service was over at 11:00 AM and had planned to leave shortly after that, I ended up staying there until the first session was over. It was definitely a divine appointment." GOD BLESS L. 7/2009


 "We are most grateful for the constant encouragement from you the love, forgiveness and hope you so freely give. Amen. Thanks for your ministry."  Danielle / 2009


As you take leave from ministering at Abundant Life, we take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your "God-given gifts" and talents with the Body of Believers. We are indeed grateful to you for ministering to those who came in bondage and were set free; those who walked in darkness for many years and are now walking in the light.
We recognize that it is no easy task to work in a Ministry such as yours, but we trust that the past year has been a fruitful one as you labored both at Abundant Life and BTW. Just knowing that God has used you to make an impact and a change in someone's life and that He is the rewarder of those who seek to do His will makes it all worth the struggles you encounter.
Our earnest prayer is that you will always keep Christ first in all things; and that you continue to respond to His call and command to set the captives free.
Geraldine Hill Director, Prayer & Visitation Ministry /2008


...Remember how powerful our time with Jenni'fer was?  That wasn't Jenni' was God.  She only follows what God tells her and that time we had was directed by God.  It was what He wanted to address in your life on that day.  It was His way of helping you heal because He loves you so much.  Remember, Jenni'fer never met you and could in no way know anything about you unless God told her.  "Tell me about New York"...was from God.  Everything that Jenni'fer does in her ministry is done by how she is led by God.  I'm just bringing this up so that you could go back to how healed you were and how loved you felt and remember that it was God that was healing you and loving you.  He uses Jenni'fer as His instrument because she lets Him.  We can meet her again if you want.  I know you really felt connected with her.  You have to admit that it was a real jump in your healing and my healing, too.... Anonymous 2008

I feel so good since I went through your deliverance ministry twice. My whole life has changed.
Praise God, he gets all the glory. / Roberta D. 2007


 ...On June 24, 2007, I had great sorrow and grief built up in my heart from being in a mentally abusive marriage for 4 years and constantly being tormented by my husband of hurtful experiences I endured in my past that I thought there was no way out of and I prayed Day and Night that God would deliver me and help me find a way out of the situation I was in and through his grace and love for me he provided a way out and Blessed me by uniting with my mother and the rest of my family and most of all bringing Sister Jenni'fer and the Deliverance Team in my path providing me with spiritual counseling and closing doors from my past So I could start over by renewing my relationship with God and providing me great and wonderful scriptures to meditate on while I start my new walk with my heavenly father.

A. White/ Palo Alto



I want you to know that I prayed, considered and renounced - said the prayer on page 9 of (Defining Your Doorways on your website under News/Info – Download files/forms) 150 doorways! I added 13 of my own as the Holy Spirit led me. It took me a while. When I was done, I felt a lightness and looked in the mirror and there was more light in my eyes than I can ever remember seeing!!!! I praise THE LORD JESUS AND THE FATHER GOD for what was done! I praised God with my tambourine and worship music!


Ms.Tenia/Los Angeles 2007

Dear Sisters:

I hope that you are well. I wanted to pass on this information about deliverance ministries and spiritual warfare. This ministry - Beyond the Walls Ministries is awesome! They are an ALCF partner and they do the monthly deliverance sessions and training at the church. (He) went through deliverance and it has made such a difference in his life and our life as a family and as a couple. I will be going through the deliverance process in the next month. When you go to the website.....go to the "about us" section and then go to "deliverance ministry."

If you have further questions or want to set up a session with Jenni'fer at ALCF just e-mail her.

Lady E./ San Jose