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Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

 Picture used by permission of Duncan Long. 

This excerpt is from a person who was an intercessor during the below deliverance.

----------------- Excerpt from Journal 10/19/14

By the Blood of Jesus !!!

So what happened in the session?  Well, R had a counseling session very like mine.  It went on for an hour and a half.  I thought he must not be ready for the exorcism portion and had given up on it happening.  Around 7:00 pm, Pastor Jenni’fer asked if he was ready.  He said yes.  She poured Holy Oil on his hands and asked him to rub it around his head.  She would tell us at the end this was at the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Normally she pours it on the head, but felt God clearly directing that he must rub it there.  This was because the main point of entry for the demons was his mind, and he needed to make the choice to reject them, to choose God’s way.

After he rubbed the oil on his head, she began to tackle things in the order we had worked out ahead of time.

She started by having him repeat after her to recite a prayer renouncing familiar spirits (demons that have latched onto you and made you their personal project to destroy and deceive) in Jesus’ name.  As soon as he said the word “familiar spirits”, there was an instant change.  He couldn’t quite say it.  He started shaking.  She repeated the term and he tried again.  He shook harder and barely got it out, and it sounded a bit cocky, mocking.  She repeated again, until he could say it properly, by which time he was shaking badly.  She continued the prayer.  Each time a key word of the renunciation would come up, such as the name of Jesus, or a statement accepting his authority and that he would only serve Jesus, the process would repeat.  He would not be able to say it at first.  She would forcefully repeat and he would try to repeat after her, but it would come out mockingly.  She would repeat again and again until he could do it cleanly.  But he would shake harder and harder. 

Finally, she got him through the prayer.  Then the first demon showed up.

It spoke through him, his whole personality changed.  “They found me.  Somehow they found me.”  A note of incredulity in its voice.  His body language showing a mixture of surprise and scorn.  It turned on her forcefully.  She addressed it as an Ahab spirit.  Ahab was the king, in the books of Kings and Chronicles, who did evil because he was easily seduced and controlled by his wicked wife Jezebel.  He ended up being one of the worst, most evil and destructive kings in Israel’s history.  But the root was that he would not stand up as a Godly man, but would do anything for a woman, no matter how wicked.

This thing turned on Pastor Jenni’fer and said “He’s mine!  He’s been mine since he was a baby!  He’s been an Ahab his whole life!  I’m not going to let him go!” (I may not have an exact quote but it was something very close to that.”  R’s whole body language and facial expression were harsh, mean, mocking, and possessive.  Clearly this thing thought it owned him.  It was not going to give up its property without a fight.

Pastor Jenni’fer began commanding it to come out in the name of Jesus.  She had to get very forceful.  At one time she started commanding it in tongues.  No language of people I know, but she seemed to know exactly what she was saying.  I’m not sure if she realized she was speaking a tongue or not.  She spoke as if it were her native language. She forcefully ordered it to come out.  It clearly understood her.  It shook it’s head, and evil grin on its face, shaking R’s head no, refusing (in English, as I recall) to leave.  But the longer she commanded it, in Jesus’ name – which was obvious whether she was speaking a tongue or not – it clearly weakened.  Then she had R repeat a prayer renouncing the Ahab spirit.  The same process.  Each key word would be stumbled on a few times, then repeated with mockery a few times, then finally said for real.  R would shake violently.  When the whole prayer had been completed for real, R started a hacking, spasmic cough, and spit up phlegm into Pastor Jenni’fer’s waiting trash can as she held his head down. 


When this was finished, we moved to the next demonic target.  This was Perversion, lust.  It came quickly when she commanded it to show itself.  It was so cocky, so thrilled with itself.  I found all the demons to be prideful, though each had its own personality.  Also, remember, I’m sitting about 18 inches away from R during all this.  She called it out, saying it was a spirit of lust, of pornography, of masturbation.  It said something like “Ooooh yeaaaah” in a lustful, mockingly orgasmic way.  The process began again, and went very similarly to what I described above.  The same pattern of intense, intense shaking.  Of a period of commanding it to leave, which would take a while as it had some strength to resist even Jesus’ name, though not for very long.  Of stumbling over the keywords in the renunciation prayer, followed by saying them mockingly, then saying them for real.  At the end, and even at a few parts in the middle, the hacking, phlegmy cough in to the trash can, and the belching. 

After Perversion was defeated, she called out Rebellion.  It showed up and was the cockiest of all.  She said it had made R do wicked, sinful things.  With mockery dripping from every facial expression and every part of his voice, it said “Yeah, well, maybe once or twice.”  It was just like Bob speaking through Leland Palmer in the Twin Peaks episode where they corner him in the room at the police station with the fire sprinkler system soaking them.  It reminded me so much of that.

The process repeated itself just as I described above.  I think it was this one that acted the most aggressively.  She even motioned me to scoot further away from R, so I moved down on the couch until I was about 3 feet away.  Rebellion flailed wildly, and probably had the most mucous.  I don’t think it was the strongest, as Ahab came first and seemed the most possessive, but Rebellion was clearly one of the big ones.  But Jesus’ name was stronger and it came out, with a hacking, phlegmy cough, in the end. 

Then the process changed.  We started to move back into a counseling phase, with Jenni’fer asking R how he felt.  As he began to answer, his expression changed.  It was like a demon bubbled to the surface without us calling it out.  It said “I’m alcohol” in this seductive voice.  It spoke of how it owned him.  He was a hardcore alcoholic and it was destroying him.  The process began again.  Alcohol was defeated faster than the first here.  I think it was a medium strength demon.

We started to shift to counseling again when his face changed.  This one said, ominously like it was the voice of death, “I’m loneliness.  I’m grief.  I’m pain.”  She looked it right in the eyes and said “Shut up!”  She called it a liar, a spirit of deception.  We are not alone, we are not lonely, with God.  She said it was a son of its father, the father of lies (John 8:44).  The process started again, and this one was defeated quickly.  The only variance was that she rubbed Holy oil on his tongue, and commanded in Jesus name that the spirit could not lie nor could it hide.

Then one more bubbled up to the surface.  It introduced itself as Fear.  She quickly retorted that perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18 – there’s that Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, again.  See Ephesians 6).  This one, too, was defeated quickly.  The process was mostly the same.  For this one she asked me to get a portable communion (a small thing of grape juice and a host wafer) and she gave them to him, starting with the host and then the juice.  She announced them respectively as the body and blood of Christ and said how they were cleansing him.   R let out a long, long moan.  Then he slowly blew out a long breath.  There may have been another phlegm cough, I can’t remember.  Then it was over. 

We finished with another hour of counseling.  He needs to walk in holiness or he opens the door for them to return.  I gave him the books Wild at Heart and Captivating.  We all took communion.  After what I saw with Fear at the end, I’m now a believer in Transubstantiation.  I think the Catholics overemphasize the Eucharist, but I’m no longer able to just say it’s symbolic, or that it isn’t really important whether it’s really Christ’s body and blood.  I also think it’s the same principle by which the holy oil works.

One other thing stands out to me.  One of the last two, the weakest ones, but I can’t remember if it was Loneliness – the spirit of deception, or Fear, said something.  With distress, sadness, almost depression in its voice, it slowly said, “The Angles are coming.”  I think it added, “I don’t want to go.”  There was brokenness and defeat in its voice when it said that.  I thought about this later and there was something almost heartbreaking in it.  I almost pitied it, but I’ve seen what it was doing to R.  Jenni’fer had no sympathy.  She told it how it had given up God’s love and had to go to the outer darkness (that was one of the keywords they always stumbled over in the renunciation prayers). 

I thought about this on Saturday and realized I had been at most 3 feet away from a being that had actually been in Heaven.  Had actually been created in Heaven, long before the first human being, if you can even describe things there in terms of time.  This thing sitting just feet away from me once looked at God face to face.  And here it was now, trying to hide in some poor wretch and wreck his life.  Trying to bring some ordinary human guy down with it.  Living inside him like a homeless drug addict lives in an abandoned house that was long ago condemned (I’m thinking of Charles’ speech at the Wild at Heart bootcamp about his time as a homeless crack addict).  Talk about how art thou fallen from heaven!  It’s STAGGERING to realize what this thing has lost.  And even R is but a refuge to it before it must truly spend eternity in darkness and fire.  It’s actually hard not to cry thinking what it gave up and how lowly it has become.  But it has no pity.  All it wants is to drag R into that fire and outer darkness with it.  Who knows how many others it’s pulled along over the ages.

So I went to this deliverance nervous.  I was expecting to see demon.  I saw six.  Each had its own personality, but they all talked a big game.  They were all full of pride.  But they all had to yield to Jesus’ name in the end. The whole process was 4 hours, but only 1 ½ was the actual exorcism.  The rest was counseling, primarily geared toward getting R to walk in the Spirit and live in holiness.  That’s been his undoing.  He’s had exorcism before, but he keeps opening the door back up.  I pray God will help him to make the right choice this time.  My heart really broke for him.  He’s a kind man, who has been hurt by others and has hurt others in return.  So very much the human story.

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"When I had lost all hope, I turned my thoughts once more to the LORD. And my earnest prayer went out to you in your holy Temple. But I will offer sacrifices to you with songs of praise, and I will fulfill all my vows. For my salvation comes from the LORD alone." Jonah 2:7,9 NLT