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Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

The positive aspects of Hip Hop are dung as far as the word of God is concerned. The negatives far out weigh the positives. Listen to the voice of the Lord on this one. God will not embrace what the world has developed as a means of glorifying that which is carnal and sin filled. Therefore, being a Holy HipHopper is the just like saying I am a Holy Pimp or a Gospel Gangsta or a Thug for Christ! God forbid. The old man is dead! Come on Christians, stop loving the things of the world and what the world has taught us. God wants to come and totally wipe away the old man, the old thought process and the old carnal identity that we obtained through poverty, sin, abandonment, fatherlessness, hurt, anger, and prejudice. Sure, we struggled, but once we are set free, we must purpose to stay FREE.


   Because of it's origin and what Hip Hop originally represented in it's earlier stages, we cannot embrace it as Christians. Their can be no Holy Hip Hoppers or no Christian Hip Hop because the culture cannot lend itself to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we do have very powerful Christian rap groups that preach the word of God through rap, but we must not get confused and call what they are doing Hip Hop. You have to understand that God does not embrace anything that has a corrupt origin. The very word "HipHop" was used by Afrikka Bambatta, the pioneer of the culture and professed Zulu Nation god, to describe the parties that he was hosting in clubs across New York in the early 70's. Since then, he has developed a religion that rested upon the Hip Hop culture. The culture is not from God, therefore, it should not be used by the people of God to describe anything that is of God!

People, please understand that Hip Hop is a way of governing your life. Therefore, it cannot be exploited as a Christian way of living. We understand that KRS-ONE and Afrika Bambaata have used the term Hip Hop to describe emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, and other forms of entertainment, but Hip Hop is also, to them, a religion and a way of worshipping ourselves instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. How can we as believers hold on to this culture when it's origin is rooted in witchcraft and voodoo? How can we call ourselves Holy Hip Hoppers when this move of the enemy is influential enough to persuade Christians to protect it and defend it as a culture that should be embraced by the church even though it's founders don't embrace Jesus Christ? God forbid. My people, search the word of God for yourself. 2Cor. 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

walk in the newness of live in Jesus Christ.   



So, we support Christian rappers that preach the unedited word of God in their music, but we will never embrace the culture of Hip Hop or any other culture of man. We will only support the set apart, sanctified lifestyle of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.

Romans 6:6, Ephesians 4:22, Colosians 3:9

What it is? Daniel 3:10

Hip-hop is not rap! Rapping is style of conveying a message, like singing, humming, whistling, etc. Hip-hop is a culture, or way of living and governing your life. There is also a style of music that is a part of the hip-hop culture, but it’s not just represented by rap.

The founders and original pioneers of this culture teach that it is a religion. They teach that it is a tool to point people to the their god. Not the God of the Holy Bible. KRS-ONE teaches that the bible is irrelevant to the knowledge of his god. Hip-hop is a very effective tool for the degradation of our nations youth. KRS-ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop teaches that this culture was designed to give knowledge to self, or to show the Black man himself as god! He also teaches that we should accept Hip Hop as an organized religion and accept Hip Hop's drug of choice, marijuana!

What is its purpose? 2Tim 3:1

  1. To set the stage for the coming of the antichrist and teach his doctrine of self-worship and knowledge of self.
  2. To blur the existence and reality of the true and living God of the Holy Bible.
  3. To lead youth into rebellion against the righteousness of God’s word.
  4. To steal the true “meaning” or “purpose” of existence from our youth and lead them to early death before they can fulfill their God given destiny.

Where did it come from? Daniel 11:38

The true origin of Hip Hop can be traced back as far as Africa. The Zulu Nation, a group of rebels under the leadership of Afrika Bambaata, started the music and religious aspects of hip hop in the late 70’s.
What does it produce? Galatians 5:19

Youth with no fear. Youth with no purpose. Youth with no respect for authority. Youth with no parental guidance. Youth with no regards for their bodies, appearance, self-respect or futures. Hip Hop drives every aspect of our youths lives in most cases. They live it, breathe it, wear it and die for it. Hip-hop has done what no other tool of the devil has been able to do at this level. It has influenced all races, all ages, and all low-income areas in America. Hip-hop itself is a very weak demon, but has gone unattested for so long, that it has a major following.

How do you know when youth are under the influence of Hip Hop? Isa 5:20

1. The music – This is the number one source of influence. This is the evangelical tool for spreading the spirit of hip-hop abroad. You can easily tell when youth are into gangsta rap and explicit lyrical content. They show it in the behavior and the choices they make in life.
2. The clothing – Sagging jeans, tight fitted tops and bottoms, gang related outfits, prison attire. These are the clothes that hip hop influences our teens to wear freely. What was once considered appropriate only for prostitutes and hardened criminals is now acceptable attire for our youth!

G. Craige Lewis -

Above artwork by Duncan Long, used with permission