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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

    CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHO YOU WOULD SERVE....                                     (Picture by Ducan Long, used by permission).


PRIDE 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; Isaiah 14:14

COVETOUSNESS I will be like the MOST HIGH. Isaiah 14:14

DECEPTION -Genesis 2:4-6 the introduction of deception to mankind.  Denial of the spoken word of GOD. Satan is always trying to make GOD a liar to us. When he is a liar and the Father of lies. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Satan is still at work today, using his same tactics and it still works. When Eve bought the deception she took the fruit and gave it to her husband

 MURDER – He murdered the relationship with GOD. He caused the murderous relationship with the other fallen angels. The stronghold of murder caused Cain to physically murder his brother Abel and lied about the knowledge of his brothers' death.

Once we allow the stronghold of satans schemes and plan to take ahold of our lives, we invite other demonic spirits to come in. We will go into further detail later. I have outlined a few.

There are several names for satan. I have chosen 10 names that identify his activity in his earthly kingdom.

Also known as the:

  1. Power of Darkness – (Spiritual forces working in darkness) Ephesians 6:12
  2. Tempter – (Solicits people to sin) Matthew4:3, I Thessalonians 3:5
  3. The Prince of this world – (Rules in the world system) John 12:31, John 14:30, John 16:11
  4. Murder –  (Leads people to eternal death) John 8:44
  5. god of this world – (Influences thinking of the world) II Corinthians 4:4
  6. The Spirit the works in the children of disobedience, Prince of the Power of the Air – (Controller of unbelievers) Ephesians 2:2
  7. Father of lies – John 8:44 Lying SpiritI Kings 22:22 (perverse the truth)
  8. Unclean Spirit – Matthew 12:43
  9. Wicked One – (Evil) Matthew 13:19,
  10. Enemy – (Opponent) Matthew 13:38


Satan lost at Calvary. As a nation, we are still experiencing the aftermath of his fall. When people buy into satans lies and live a life outside of the Spirit of GOD. The eternal flames of hell await. From lies to murders, tricking a person into deception and hardened the hearts of mankind against GOD. satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. he fills man's heart with pride, blind eyes to the truth of who HE IS. And like Eve those lies are bought you will perish.

 Soon JESUS Christ of Nazareth will return. Are you ready? Are you prepared for judgment? On this day you will give an account for every thought, word, deed, and action. Romans 14:12 and Matthew 12:35-37