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This page is dedicated to the Young Kingdom Generation, giving them a place for their voices to be heard!

Young Kingdom Generation!

Arise and take your place in society!!  You CAN make a difference…

By the Grace of GOD, BTW Ministries will make a way for the voice of our youth to be heard. Here is a Kingdom Generation, voice.


Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!

Psalm 68:19

Have you ever skipped a meal? Maybe your day was too busy or you simply forgot to stop and eat. It really affects you, doesn’t it? You start to feel weak, irritable and tired the longer you go without food because you need it for your body to function properly. This is something that happens all the time spiritually. Let’s take a look at Matthew 6, and you’ll see what I mean.

In Matthew 6:11, in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us to pray for our daily bread when He says, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Is He referring to our provision? Yes, but I think He’s talking about more than just our natural, physical provision. Throughout the Old and New Testament, many Scriptures refer to the Word of God as bread. So, with that in mind, is it possible that Jesus is telling us to pray every day for a word from God—for our daily bread?

I fully believe God has a word for you every day and that word will strengthen and nourish you all day long. However, there are a lot of Christians who are weak and tired because they aren’t getting their daily bread from His Word. They’re going weeks and months without eating what’s readily available to them. God cares for us as a shepherd cares for his sheep, and He’s provided us with the nourishment we need—but it’s up to us to actually eat it.

When you start reading the Bible every day, God will speak to you through it. He’ll encourage you and prepare you for situations you’re going to encounter each day. Sometimes a word you get in your daily reading can provide nourishment for someone else, too. I can’t tell you how many times I find myself talking to someone, and when they start to tell me about what they’re going through, I’ll remember, “That’s what I read about this morning!” Then I can use that word to encourage and speak life to them. You never know when God is going to speak a word to you that will change your life or the life of someone around you.











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