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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91
  Towards our missions filed that takes us beyond the streets of San Jose, CA.  

Sin will take you further than you want to go!


Keep you longer than you want to stay

....... and charge you more than you




"I write to you today from the dark abyss of this dismal crypt. My heart bleeds from the razor-sharp agony of our present relationship with one another, stained by the futility of this material world we live in.

Clear your mind and come journey with me, allow me to share some very important factors with you.

What was it that lead me to this living nightmare? A person just doesn't get up one day and determine, "I want to go to prison." No, it's a process. I feel it's a progression. A steady progression of sin and wrongful living. As I research this, I noticed some very interesting factors that lead to my coming to prison at a young age. What I've come to call stepping stones to prison.

Rebellion sets in at an early age and it takes dominion over one's life, dominion over one's emotions to a point where they are seemingly controlled to rebel, moved by the power of a rebellious spirit to reject right; to refuse to submit; to stand defiant, unsubmissive and non-conformist against all.

Yes, I see the reality of it all behind the concrete walls, the steel doors, and the high razor wire. Thousands upon multiple thousands are in prison today to prove the truth of what I am saying. Gangs, crime, crack cocaine, alcohol and drug abuse plagues this nation and our entire age with a demonic subjugation. Those that aren't in prison are tormented and enslaved, imprisoned by drugs, alcohol. They say, "Oh no, that'll never happen to me," but it does.

They are shocked and chained to sinful living. They call it partying. They label it fun, but in reality, it's bondage, it's addictive. It's emotional and spiritual enslavement that is real as the concrete and steel of prison. It's been said, "sin will take you further than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay." Oh, how true it is that Satan is a destroyer and he destroys the lives and souls of so many through rebellion.


SATAN is the prince of the power of the air, and he uses rap and rock music to inflame the hurt of the flesh and to cause the seed rebellion to take root in one's mind and attitude. The rap and rock music prophets of today are like the vile prophet of Baal in the Old Testament. Like Hannonish of old, they are false prophets and full of lies. Rap music and the filthy, immoral, ungodly movies of Hollywood breeds a spirit of rebelliousness. It fertilizes and germinates the seed of rebellion. I sowed it in my life and I see it in the lives of others.

Peer pressure, it is one of the basic influences that leads to a path of sin and troubles in life. I believe peer pressure is one of the main steps in taking a person down a road filled with disappointment, frustrations, and aggravation. No one likes to be lonely and will do anything it seems to gain acceptance and recognition in others. Even sin!

This is where a young person oftentimes goes wrong. Being young and inexperienced in a lot of areas of life brings with it a certain amount of insecurity just naturally.

In an endeavor to overcome their feelings, a young person will begin to fall in with certain friends to gain acceptance and recognition. They will start talking like them and living like them.

If you are to be accepted in the crowd you feel you have to do what the crowd does. This leads to prison or detox wards and for some even graveyards.

Let's not forget that one's attitude can be productive or destructive, attitude is a condition of the mind. It determines one's outlook of the future. Try to keep it positive.

Parents must obtain a personal relationship with their children, be willing to find quality time for them. All children are reachable, teachable and capable of achieving success--regardless of their station in life. My philosophy is that school is set to transform children's lives.

Closing up, all I can say is it takes people who really love children to take a stand. The truth hurts. It may be very painful, but it must be told if the lives of our youth are going to survive, improve, organize and become productive and valued. It is a very hurtful painful feeling to be hugging your parents from a jail cell.

(This letter was written by Bobby Floyd Marion)  added was the videos to serve as others testimonies to what he is saying behind prison walls. Heed the warning.)

Bobby Floyd Marion #41515
Parchman, MS. 38738