First things first...

Make sure your service times are entered.
(see "Event Admin >> Service Times")

Your countdown timers and a several other things are driven off your service times.

Choose a platform design (or create your own) that matches your ministry website.
(see "Designs" menu above)

We have several professional designs to choose from or you can create your own.

Complete the customization of your static and dynamic zones, video player, platform behaviors, then grab the code to embed it all on your ministry website.

See the help videos for everything by clicking the blue help button at the top right of most admin panel screens.

Streaming Help Videos

Admin Control Panel Active Dynamic Zone Block Chat Chat Log Choose Designs Clear Chat Create Custom Design DVR Feature Embed code Filezilla Guest Auto Entry Media Vault Misc. Admin Features OBS set up Player Logo Pre-Roll Video Reports Sermon Notes Service Times Simulated Live Static Zone Stream to Facebook Twitter Hashtag Tool vMix set up Web Host Wirecast set up What Do I Need for Streaming xSplit encoder